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  1. Judy Cartwright

    My Mother Adeline,born 1922 died 2011 was the great granddaughter of Nicolas Marsolet and Marie Lebarbier. The name Marsolet was later changed to Marsolais as I know it. My father John Mcculloch was a genealogist and did my mother’s Family Tree back to Nicolas Marsolet and Marguerite DePlanes, the parents of the well known Nicolas. I have been trying to find which one of Nicolas and Marie’s children my line of the Marsolet family continues from but it is difficult as they had so many children. Nicolas also raised many Metis children as he was married to a Montagnais woman making that more complicated. I am very proud of my ancestry and would like to learn as much as I can about it. My father’s info and the Internet have certainly been a great help.
    Thank you
    Judy Cartwright

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